Laura Wiencek

Owner and CEO

Laura started riding mules in her youth. At the age of 13, she was competitive in women's barrel racing at the international level. At the age of 16, Laura started working with training horses, specializing in fixing problems with rider/horse communication. She has grown to become ahuge advocate for the Retired Off the Track Thoroughbred and has now moved into the mustang foundation to help teach future and current mustang owners what is involved with owning a wild mustang through training videos and blogs.


Laura has maintained a successful business here in Cortland, for eight years. She has proven to be a successful trainer in the off the track thoroughbred world, where she has competed in the Extreme Thoroughbred Makeover and showcased her OTTB skills at the Retired Racehorse Project at Pimlico Racetrack (home of the Preakness) in 2013 and 2014. She was also chosen to compete in the trainer portion of the Retired Racehorse Project at Kentucky Horse Park in October 2015.

She has also worked as a judge and steward at the Retired Racehorse Project Makeover at Kentucky Horse Park. She has appeared in many videos, photos, and a calendar supporting the OTTB. Laura has competed all her life in barrel racing and in recent years working with cattle and training horses on her mountain trail course.